Went glitter and rasta sticker crazy with my phone case. Oh how it shimmers 🍄💛💚❤🍄
morning doodles with my favorite purple pen
Cleaning my room and found this!
Sleepy Sunday 😴😴😴
I had such a horrible week and it had this snowball effect turning everything to shit causing me to have a huge freak out. I got to leave work early and just go home. i was able to finally sleep for the first time in weeks last night. i think whatever happened was cathartic. I dont feel as angry about things. i learning to accept things and just go forward. so to celebrate i decided to be a little kid and dress up. i thought i’d leave you with this image :) 
color blocking // 2014
two scoops of ice cream with extra sprinkles on top // 2014
Neon Combustion // 2014