If you think that I am ruined
I’m not ruined, I am whole
I am fine, not even broken
Maybe soft-spoken, maybe so
Although my bones you may have shattered
It’s only matter, it’s not my soul

And you crushed me like a flower
The final hours were hard to go
I thought you loved me
The way you touched me
Your wicked violence I did not know

I thought the father was the protector
Was the creator but you are none
Although my bones you may have shattered
It doesn’t matter, ‘cause I am whole

Ana Lama- CocoRosie (via mydearalyahs)
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Im in Neurocentrikk April 2014 Green Issue 


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So im on the run literally but, not from authorities. I won’t be posting as much art this coming month but, bare with me because once i get settled in I am hoping to have even better shit. Shit I could not have made if I wasn’t going through all this life stuff. So stick around. Love ya guys 

Tina xx

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Feeling really uninspired on my day off…its the most irritating feeling in the world and starting to get into a negative mindset.
so here i am taking photos of myself in between eating cookies and on the verge of screaming at how awful this month has been. 
Emerald Island ‘14 
Gardening ‘14
Living Room ‘14
Nymph ‘14
My Billie Holiday ‘14
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